Multimedia e-learning for employees in aviation on foreign object debris (FOD) prevention according to EN 9146:2019.

Digital Training for
Prevention of Foreign Objects (FOD)

FOD training is considered mandatory in the aviation industry via EASA requirements, EN 9146:2019 and Airbus Supplier Requirements (ASR). Not only production employees, but also administrative staff and managers shall develop an awareness of the dangers of foreign objects.

Our high-quality web-based training is for EASA Part 21G Production Organisations, EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisations, and suppliers with EN 9100 certification. The trainings explains in video-animated clips the requirements for operational foreign object prevention (FOD) programs.

With our web-based training, you create flexibility through free time allocation and reduced working time efforts compared to classroom training due to compressed content.

FOD E-Learning Training CBT 4

Core data

  • Duration approx. 45 min
  • Easy to play, video-animated e-learning with professional sound (see demo below)
  • Participants receive their certificate automatically after successfull multiple choice test
FOD E-Learning Training CBT 3

Target group

  • Employees in production
  • All admin staff accessing production areas
  • Subcontractors and visitors entering production areas
  • For new employees and as continuation training
FOD E-Learning Training CBT 2


  • Suitable as initial or refresher training due to modular structure
  • As stand-alone training or in combination with other qualification measures
  • Multiple choice final test with 8 questions from a large question pool
FOD E-Learning Training CBT 1


  • Basic knowledge of the requirements of EN 9146 requirements as well as EASA and ASR.
  • Awareness of product safety and the hazards of foreign objects (FOD)
  • Reduction of foreign objects damage
  • Saving work time compared to classroom training

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Chapter contents

Our FOD e-learning on foreign object prevention explains all the important requirements of EN 9146:2019 as wel as EASA specifications.

This e-learning is particularly suitable for refreshers or for preparing other seminars and trainings.

  • FOD Introduction
  • Regulatory requirements
  • FOD Programs
  • Trainings and FOD culture
  • Definition of FOD areas
  • Cleanliness and tidiness
  • Product protection
  • Control of material+tools
  • Measures in case of FOD incident
  • Reporting of FOD risks

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