E-Learning - Aviation Industry Basics Training

Multimedia online training for development, manufacturing, maintenance and CAMOs.

The perfect overview for new employees

The aviation industry is a world of its own in terms of rules, regulations and processes. Newcomers to the industry always have to go to great lengths to gain an overview. With our Aviation Industry Basics Training, we want to reduce this effort and time and quickly provide an initial insight.

Our high quality web based training is designed for employees who are either new to the industry or have worked far away from the product and want to know more about the specific issues, processes and specifications in the aviation industry.

With our web-based training, you create flexibility for yourself as a trainee or manager through free time allocation and reduced working time requirements compared to classroom training due to compressed content transfer. For larger license volumes, you can also define the content yourself from our chapter pool or we can integrate your own company content.

Luftfahrtindustrie Grundlagen Training Online Aviation Industry Basics Training

Core data

  • Duration: approx. 150 min, 12 chapters
  • Easy to play, video-animated e-learning with professional dubbing
  • Automatic certificate dispatch after successful test
  • Price: 175 EUR plus VAT

Target group

  • New employees in the aerospace supply industry
  • Employees with little relation to the product
  • All employees with introduction of aeronautical certifications / regulatory approvals


  • Gives an insight into the market, the major manufacturers and the supply chain
  • Includes all important QM aspects for (new) employees, e.g. air law, EN 9100, FOD, counterfeit parts, etc.
  • Knowledge quizzes between chapters
  • Multiple choice final test with 25 questions from large question pool


  • Imparting knowledge on the establishment of aeronautical QM systems.
  • Creation of an awareness of errors and their consequences
  • Self-reflection for one’s own role in service provision
  • Basics of ethics and compliance
  • Compliance with EN requirements, chap. 7.3

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Chapter contents

Our Aviation Industry Basics Training covers the requirements of chapter 7.3 of EN 9100 on awareness.

This training facilitates the induction of new employees, as only their own process documentation needs to be taught for the QM area.

  • Introduction Aviation
  • Market
  • Basics
  • Quality Management
  • QM Systems
  • Aviation Law
  • EN 9100
  • Error
  • Safety and risk
  • FOD + counterfeit parts
  • Human Factors
  • Lean Management
  • Ethical behavior and compliance

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