EASA Part 21G Training ONLINE Air Law to manufacture

Multimedia e-learning for employees of manufacturing companies with an aeronautical approval according to EASA Part 21G.

Digital learning for the
EASA Part 21G

Air law training courses are mandatory in the aviation industry. Managers, QM personnel and certifying staff should use them to learn about EASA requirements and understand interrelationships.

Our high quality web based training is for aeronautical manufacturing operations according to EASA Part 21G. It explains in video-animated clips the organizational structure of manufacturing companies, the approval requirements, rights and obligations as well as the influence of EASA and LBA.

With our web-based training, you create flexibility through free time allocation and reduced working time requirements compared to classroom training due to compressed content transfer. You can also define the content yourself from our chapter pool.

Air Law EASA Part 21G Manufacturing E-Learning Training CBT 4

Core data

  • Duration approx. 135 min (Initial 11 chapters),
  • Easy to play, video-animated e-learning with professional dubbing
  • Automatic certificate dispatch after successful test
  • Price: 195 EUR, plus VAT in each case.
Air Law EASA Part 21G Manufacturing E-Learning Training CBT 3

Target group

  • Personnel authorized to release
  • Specialists and managers from administration and production
  • Quality management staff
  • For new employees and as continuation training
Air Law EASA Part 21G Manufacturing E-Learning Training CBT 2


  • Suitable as initial or refresher training due to modular structure
  • As stand-alone training or in combination with other qualification measures
  • Multiple choice final test with 24 questions from a large question pool
  • Optionally extendable with new Part 21 Safety Management at a package price of 349 EUR plus VAT
  • Particularly effective in combination with our face-to-face trainings
Air Law EASA Part 21G Manufacturing E-Learning Training CBT 1


  • Teaching of aviation legal requirements with practical examples and tips & tricks.
  • Awareness for quality and safety in aeronautical manufacturing
  • Process safety at the interface to development according to Part 21J
  • Fulfillment of aeronautical legal requirements
  • Saves working time compared to 1-day presence training

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Chapter contents

Our e-learning on aeronautical manufacturing explains all important requirements of aviation law according to EASA Part 21G.

Due to the modular structure, you can also configure your training individually. This approach is particularly suitable for refreshers or for preparing other seminars and trainings.

  • Basics of the EASA regulations
  • Application
  • Cooperation with the development company
  • Basics of production management
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Production in the supply chain
  • Personnel qualification
  • Documentation + Records
  • Role of the authority in day-to-day operations
  • Rights and duties

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