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Tool for the structured execution of audits. Suitable for all sets of rules and internal standards. Characteristics are simplicity, practicability and no internet dependency during the audit.

Audit implementation and
Audit documentation made easy

Auditing can be a powerful tool. The prerequisite is a qualified auditor and a tool that helps keep track of everything.

The AeroImpulse audit tool supports auditors in carrying out audits systematically, regardless of the rules and regulations. It allows auditing either by standards chapter or by process. Colored markings and percentages show the audit progress. The final report is generated automatically and contains an evaluation matrix of the auditor.

Audit tool audit software flexible buy EN 9100

Many functions

  • Clear navigation and easy control through the audit tool
  • Automatic creation of the audit report (de/eng)
  • Own evaluation sections for KPI target achievement + processing of findings from previous audit
  • Summarized evaluation matrix for all important processes
  • Export of PDF reports and Excel work files
  • For internal or supplier audits


Audit tool audit software flexible aviation 2

Simple audit and rules management

  • Incl. audit planning, plan creation by free text or selection from dropdown menu
  • Easy access to old audits
  • Unlimited creation of new rule sets
  • Add new sets of rules easily via Excel upload
  • Import and export projects
  • Copy audit master data from old projects
Audit tool audit software flexible purchase

Simple audit execution

  • Evaluation by simply clicking through the requirements
  • Flexibly store evidence or view expected evidence
  • Sort audit questions by rule chapters or areas/processes
  • Progress bar for status determination
  • Generate audit report at the push of a button
Audittool audit software flexible without internet


  • Flexible usability across many control systems
  • Simple operability
  • Clear reporting suitable for work and management level
  • Works without internet in workshops & remote audit locations

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